Kathleen's Strong Conviction to Achieve Her Goals

Posted on: 26 Jan 2022

female education assistant and child working on drawings

"When the pandemic hit, I got laid off from a job that I thought would position me towards becoming an educator. I was heartbroken. I did not know how and where to start looking for another opportunity. Then came WorkBC Whalley. I was able to register for an intensive Education Assistant Diploma Program. With the Education Assistant Diploma, I landed my new job. So I would like to extend my gratitude to the WorkBC organization."


Nina Found her Dream Job

Posted on: 14 Jan 2022

Health Care Aide

"I decided to come to WorkBC as I heard that there is support available to find another job or free training. I could not afford to go back to school because I brought my family to Canada. I completed the package, and I was approved for tuition to attend the Health Care Assistant program at Drake Medox College. After receiving my certificate and transcript at the College, I  feel so proud. I graduated with honours."


Izee's Life Changing Experience

Posted on: 21 Jul 2021

woman placing bandage on a senior man's arm

"The cleaning company I had worked for had shut down and I did not have a place to return. In July 2020, Svitlana informed me that the Government is offering a free program for Health Care Aide. It was very difficult, but all this time Svitlana was in touch and supported me. While I was doing my practicum, I got a job offer even before I got a diploma."


New Life with New Aspirations for Aynaz

Posted on: 16 Jul 2021

different colours of coloured pencils

"I am so grateful that I got all the support that I needed to succeed from WorkBC. I am no longer receiving income assistance and am happy to share that I have my own car. Please do not give up. If any challenges come your way, accept them and find your way towards a better opportunity. WorkBC will always help in making your dreams come true."


Bana's Success Story

Posted on: 18 Dec 2020

woman typing on a keyboard

"WorkBC employees helped me in many ways - they helped me to improve my resume and cover letter. They also researched my job and sent me some interview questions and general advice so that I could be ready and confident for my interview. Thanks to the hard work put in by the entire team, I am currently working as an Education Assistant at Surrey Schools."


Saaz's Journey towards Her Dream Career

Posted on: 15 Dec 2020

female hands and child hands typing on laptop keyboard

"It is because of the continuous efforts of the entire team at WorkBC that I found a way into my dream career – I started a job in school as an education assistant. I am highly indebted to her WorkBC for all the support the team has extended to me in finding work and leading a decent life. I strongly recommend WorkBC to everyone who is actively looking for work."


Scott Turns His Dreams into Reality

Posted on: 4 Jun 2020

Male nurse with stethoscope and holding a patient chart

"WorkBC helped me fulfill the dreams, hopes and achievements that I had been longing for. I have been able to help people in conditions that are worse than mine as well as during times of strife. I absolutely love what I do. I wanted to show my sons that nothing is impossible if you keep trying and never give up!"


Shweta's Fast Track to Success

Posted on: 29 May 2020

A book, glasses and a clock

"I visited the WorkBC location at Whalley and was assigned to an employment counsellor. My employment counsellor recommended a 6-day career building, counselling and resume formatting workshop. It helped me understand the Canadian Job market better. They also provided me with compass fare cards and referred me to Dress for Success for professional attire. My job coach pointed me in the right direction and her advice helped me with my interviews and salary negotiations. All of this helped me land a job in just a few weeks."


Allan's Hard Work Paid Off

Posted on: 7 Feb 2020

Mechanic's gloved hands fixing a diesel generator

"You always have to put in work to get what you really want in life. In the end, it all pays off! Don't be afraid to ask questions, put in the leg work and I can guarantee after using the services at Whalley WorkBC you will be successful in any career you decide to pursue."


Roselyn's Struggles for Her Dream Job

Posted on: 7 Feb 2020

hand hokding a pen with a laptop, notebook, and plant in the background

"The career assessments confirmed that Office Administration was a good field for me. My training application was approved and I graduated with honors from a nine months long Office Administration program. After the practicum my employer hired me. I am so happy!!"


Ahmed Faces Change with an Open Mind

Posted on: 7 Feb 2020

man looking at his work papers on a desk

"I left behind a well-established career to move to Canada. After coming here, I had to face many more challenges but managed to achieve a prestigious SCMP designation. However, I had a few concerns and needed help with a clear direction."