Nina Found her Dream Job

Posted at: 14 Jan 2022
Health Care Aide

I came to Canada as a caregiver in April 2017. I worked as a nanny for over two years until I received my immigrant status in December 2019. At that time, I lost my job. I applied for EI benefits and tried looking for work as well. But then, COVID-19 came in 2020; the position I found only lasted for two weeks as we went into a pandemic. Finding another job became difficult for me after that. I decided to come to WorkBC as I heard that there is support available to find another job or free training. I could not afford to go back to school because I brought my family to Canada.

Meeting with my Case Manager Rosita Bernardo, she explained my eligibility and the services available. Listening to her directions, sparked my hope to become a Health Care Aide. She told me as long as I could do the package required, she would help me go back to school. She gave me the Labour market information package, which I immediately worked on and interviewed people in health care. Interviewing people made me more excited to get into the field.

I completed the package, and I was approved for tuition to attend the Health Care Assistant program at Drake Medox College. It was exciting and scary going back to school, especially when it had been a long time since I finished my education in the Philippines. But My Employment Counsellor reassured me that my experience is an adjustment period, and it will pass. She wanted me to focus on my goal and work on achieving it. She reminded me to believe in myself and that I can do it. And I am happy that as my training progressed, it started to get better, and I achieved high marks. As my program was near the end, my job training got delayed as the school had a backlog for practicum placements caused by COVID-19. Luckily someone backed out at the last minute in May, and I was given her placement at Elim Village.

At my practicum, I demonstrated my willingness to learn and work hard. In the end, the Director approached me. She wanted my resume. Because the location is quite far to commute from my house, I applied but declined the offer and applied to the facilities closer to home. After receiving my certificate and transcript at the College, I  feel so proud. I graduated with honours.

Last week, I was interviewed at Morgan Place, offered a position, and signed the papers. I started my employment and have work schedules booked.

Achieving my goal would not have happened without my Case Manager, who supported me all the way. Thank you, Ms. Rosita Bernardo. Thank you, Whalley WorkBC Centre, for the financial support. I now have a career with a better wage. Finally, I got my dream job.  


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