Believe in Yourself, You are Braver than You Think

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Caregiver and Nursing

I am Cornelia Dequilla, and this is the story about my life-changing experience.

It was exactly a year ago when a heartbreaking incident happened to our family, the client that I have been taking care of for almost 14 years passed away due to COVID-19. She was like a daughter to me and my family and I have been very attached to her. I cried for months and hid away without talking to anyone.

It was that time when I felt so low and depressed that a family friend called. They told me they have a close friend who is willing to help, to try again and to start recovering from the sorrowful situation. That was when I met Ms. Rosita Bernardo from Work BC Whalley centre.

When we talked for the first time, she told me that she understood how I felt and she gave me hope that everything will be fine, as long as I am willing to help myself. And that she will guide me through so I can try and get myself back on my feet. I hesitated at first because it has been 30 years since I last studied and attended school. I was not confident that my brain could still work well when it came to studying after such a long time. But Rosita’s encouragement enlightened me that whatever happens, there is always a way to pursue my goals in life, I just need to put in my best effort.

Even though I have years of experience as a live-in caregiver, I did not have the proper training and education in Canada that would enable me to work in facilities or for a company within my line of profession. Rosita guided and counselled me as I applied for the appropriate Work BC program that can provide the proper learning, practice and literacy I needed in my field of work. This was life-changing for me. I now have a valid Certificate and Diploma; I was even one of the top students in my class. And I was also recently hired by a Nursing Home Facility which was my intended goal. All of these accomplishments were great from the Work BC programs and especially Ms. Rosita Bernardo who offered her help and guided me; she made me realize I have potential that I was not even aware of.

I am so glad and thankful that I met her and that Canada has government programs like Work BC that helps individuals seeking proper training and education to discover more possibilities, gain employment and be more successful in their choice of field. I will be forever grateful to Work BC and to Ms. Rosita Bernardo.


WorkBC is the provincial government's access point to the world of work in British Columbia. It was created with one key goal — to help all British Columbians to successfully navigate B.C.'s labour market.