"Without WorkBC's support, it would not have been possible for me to return to school, and I would not have known my potential " - Mr. Wakit

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Since coming to Canada on a Temporary Foreign Worker visa as a farm worker in 2012, I was fortunate to obtain my permanent residence status in 2019 and have had the opportunity to work in other jobs after my TFW contract. I became a General Construction labourer and a warehouse Forklift operator worker. I was employed all these years until I was laid off from my last job as a Forklift Operator when the company closed in November 2022. I immediately wanted to work so I could support my family, who were coming to join me in Canada.

It was winter when my job ended. It was a low hiring season for warehouse and construction, which were my core skills. Losing my job coincided with my family's arrival from the Philippines, where I spent time with them to help them adjust to life in Canada. On top of this, one of my children has a developmental/ mental health disability, and he was a handful. He needed a lot of our attention. So, job searching was even more challenging for me.

Friends told me that WorkBC could help if you want to attend school. When I met my Employment Counsellor, Rosita, she discussed programs I could avail myself while being on Employment Insurance. She proposed the PBLMT training in Transportation and Logistics and the Structured Cabling Technician. I chose to go for the Cabling Technician.

My Employment Counsellor, Rosita Bernardo, supported me and processed my PBLMT application approved by WorkBC Centre Whalley. She communicated with Service Canada, so I continued receiving my EI benefits. WorkBC provided me with a laptop for training and to top up my living support, including a gas allowance for my practicum. I received endless support from my Employment Counsellor, including resources on applying for support to help my family, especially my child with special needs. Then, WorkBC provided me with the tools and clothes to start my job, plus transportation for three weeks.  

WorkBC is an excellent employment program. Without their support, it would not have been possible for me to return to school, and I would not have known my potential to do this type of work.

Registering for WorkBC Employment services is one of the best decisions I made. They have the right people and resources to support your return to work.



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